San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

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San Francisco, California

Occurred on July 26, 2015
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13.1 miles
road image Road
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Official Description: The second half of The San Francisco Marathon passes through Haight/Ashbury, the Mission District, into Mission Bay, by AT&T Park, finishing just before the Ferry Building alongside the Main Marathon Finish Line. The course is USATF certified.

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Now Closed
Race Size5,000 participants
Packet PickupExpo Only
Time Limit3 hours
CertificationCourse USATF Certified
Timed RaceYes

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Bag CheckAvailable
Past Weather
2014 Y Mostly Cloudy 63°F → 71°F
2013 Y Mostly Cloudy 55°F → 61°F
2012 Y Mostly Cloudy 56°F → 57°F

Showing temperature at start time and 2 hours later.

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3 participant reviews

Overall Rating 3 stars
Course Scenery 4 stars
Event Organization 2.5 stars
Vibe / Energy 4.5 stars
Participant Shirt 3.5 stars
Finisher Medal 4.5 stars
Expo / Packet Pick-up 4.5 stars
Event Start 4.5 stars
Course Entertainment 3.5 stars
Restrooms Sufficient
Course Aid Sufficient
4 starsabout 5 years ago by Eli K.

Nice course, would rather run the first 1/2, but the start time is too early. Course is nice, some good hills and wide streets

Lots of people were out on the street with refreshments and cheering you on, some even had snacks for us, great grapes.

The shirt was really small, so need to size up, or try it on, couldn't wear it. Expo was super sweet though

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3 starsabout 5 years ago by Laurence H.

Really great views. Major downside was that the race bus driver who was taking us to the start line went to the wrong location and made it so we missed our corral start. Aside from having to start later than we wanted to its was a good run and the after race beer garden was really fun. Make sure you arrive to this one early so that you dont miss your start.

Review of 2014 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

2 starsover 5 years ago by Justin M.

My Favorite Part

Most races in SF go along the waterfront and Golden Gate Bridge (for good reason!), but the 2nd Half is a chance to see other parts of the city beautiful in their own way, like Haight/Ashbury, Mission Bay, and of course Golden Gate Park. After running the 1st Half last year, I enjoyed picking up the course where I left off and grabbing the Half It All Challenge Medal as an extra perk.

Recommended Changes

The 2nd Half aid stations could use improvement for next year -- I don't think I saw a single station with sports drink, several were behind on water, and there was no more GU left. I also only saw 3 2nd Half mile markers in the 13 miles of the course -- having a complete set of mile markers would make it feel less second-class. I also hope the race reconsiders this year's surprise of giving out my email address to sponsors for their marketing emails.

Tips for Future Participants

The 2nd Half start line is tricky to get to, since the other races are already underway and it can take a while for traffic to cross 26th and 27th streets which are part of the course. So make sure to leave ample time, or you'll be running before you even start the race.

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