Hot Chocolate SF 15K

4.5 stars10 reviews

San Francisco, California

Occurred on January 10, 2016
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Registration$54 - $74
Sold Out
Race Size8,000 participants
Packet PickupExpo Only
Time Limit15 min/mile
CertificationCourse USATF Certified
Timed RaceYes

Race Day!

Start Time8:20 AM
Bag CheckAvailable
Past Weather
2014 L Fog 55°F → 63°F

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10 participant reviews

Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Course Scenery 4.5 stars
Event Organization 5 stars
Vibe / Energy 4.5 stars
Participant Shirt 5 stars
Finisher Medal 5 stars
Expo / Packet Pick-up 4 stars
Event Start 4.5 stars
Course Entertainment 3.5 stars
Restrooms Sufficient
Course Aid Sufficient
5 starsabout 5 years ago by Brittany J.

This is by far one of the best races I have done! Not only do you get chocolate at the end, but the swag (hoodie) was very nice to! The expo was pleasant and well organized...a lot of different merchandise to purchase and so many great vendors to visit. I ran the 15k with a friend and we had a blast! Got to run right past the ocean, hit a few little hills...and finished strong! I am planning on running this race in Vegas later this year with my mom. If you want a fun race to do I highly recommend this one!

Review of 2016 Race · Race Junkie · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Fabien L.

This was a great race. It was a bit cold before the race but after running a mile or two, it gets better.
The organization and the volunteers have done an amazing job!!! The finisher medal is so cool!
- Running across the golden gate park and along ocean beach is amazing
- the race doesn't start too early nor too late.
- Amazing finisher medal and shirt.
- The expo is a bit far (South San Francisco conference center), especially because I live in San Francisco.
- Having the chocolate after the race is a bit too heavy for me

Review of 2015 Race · First Timer · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Shauna M.

Love this race! The course is tough, but beautiful. The waterfalls were running and at least one of the bison were up and wandering around. How many races do you get to run by bison!! The long stretch of the Great Highway was broken up with the flavored marshmallows. Yay! Marshmallows! I was a little disappointed that they ran out of Tootsie Rolls, I was looking forward to those. But once you crossed the finish line, you were rewarded with your hot chocolate and chocolate fondue! It was delicious! I can't believe they don't tell you the name of the chocolate supplier for publicity. The race is so well run, from the expo, to the start corrals, the course, the finish, gear check and the CHOCOLATE. The shuttles were super efficient and made getting to and from the race so easy. Continue reading...

Review of 2015 Race · First Timer · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Nancy C.

I am really happy I decided to run hot chocolate this year. It was really, really fun and I was amazed how smooth everything flowed (including the chocolate!) considering there were thousands and thousands of participants. We started out in wave K, and never had to dodge around anyone. I appreciated the signs "no walkers" under all the corrals before N. Everyone took off running so it was really nice not being elbow to elbow.

The aid stations were very clever. Not only have I never had a strawberry marshmallow - I liked it too! I seriously may consider carrying them with me on long runs now - lol! I was also impressed to see plenty of port a potties all along the way.

And running through golden gate park, then along the ocean, then back in the park again was beautiful. Continue reading...

Review of 2015 Race · Race Junkie · Local to Race

4 starsabout 5 years ago by Eli K.

Good Race! Great course and layout. It was WAY to crowded to start, for first mile or so, but spread out and by mile 3 it was where it should have been.

Great layout of race and stations. Needed one or two bathroom stops.

Awesome medal and t-shirt, highly recommend this race!

Review of 2015 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Laurence H.

Really fun race. Lots of aid stations throughout the course. Great scenic view. Only downside was not being fully prepared for the uphill climb in the last two miles. Overall really good time.

Review of 2015 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Henry L.

It was well organized and I like the video feed of the finish line. I can view myself and others.

Review of 2015 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

5 starsabout 5 years ago by Justin M.

What a surprisingly fun race! The organization of the event was great -- in fact, one of the smoothest starts I've ever had. Normally I spend the first mile at any race trying to dodge people walking, but everyone moved at the right pace for the corral and I had plenty of room on the wide course the entire way.

This was my first 15K, and I really enjoyed the distance -- it's long enough to be a challenge but cuts out those last few agonizing miles of a half marathon. The aid stations were interesting and unique -- chocolate chips, strawberry marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, and Tootsie Rolls. I thought a marshmallow would be the last thing I wanted while running, but they were actually pretty tasty. Continue reading...

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Review of 2015 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

4 starsabout 5 years ago by Tom N.

I'm not a chocoholic by any stretch, but this was still a sweet race. I joined a more sweet-toothed buddy who wanted to go, and it was an awesome time.

The race organizers were on point, and everything went smoothly. There were a ton of people, but it was fun to see so many excited folks of all stripes in Golden Gate Park, from veteran racers to first-timers. With so many people, I was afraid of a traffic jam start, but the corral setup was one of the the most efficient I've seen. SF's cool winter weather made for perfect running conditions. The course through Golden Gate Park and down the pavement of the closed-to-traffic Great Highway by the coast weren't super varied, but they were expectedly beautiful (say hi to the surfers and the bison!). Continue reading...

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Review of 2015 Race · First Timer · Local to Race

4 starsabout 5 years ago by Sarah A.

Okay, so who doesn't love chocolate? Well, this race rewards you with it. Second year doing this race and it is a good race. Solidly organized, good pre-race communication, nice swag. On course, Gatorade, water, marshmallows, tootsie rolls, allegedly chocolate chips (I didn't see them at all). Finishers' mug (plastic) has dipping chocolate, hot chocolate, banana and other sweets. It is really too much after a 15k though (and a little wasteful honestly, but it's their gimmick, I get it). Good vibe, huge crowds, 8:20 a.m. start for the 1st wave on the 15k, so that is nice. TONS of people. I mean, TONS. If you want space to run, and not have to play dodgeball/peeps for 9.3 miles, this is not your race really. All in all, I did a 2nd year so it is not a bad race. Continue reading...

Review of 2015 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race