Divas Half Marathon San Francisco Bay

4 stars1 review

Burlingame, California

Occurred on May 31, 2015
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13.1 miles
road image Road
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Official Description: The Divas Half Marathon® & 5K in San Francisco Bay will follow a very picturesque course all along the San Francisco Bay. Starting at Bayside Park in Burlingame, all our Diva runners will head south, meander thru Coyote Point Park's beauty, and enjoy many miles of running less than a few feet from the Bay with sites of the City of San Francisco. The course will never be more than a few blocks away from those amazing bay views so get ready to challenge yourself in idealic temperatures, with an amazing backdrop only worthy of the San Francisco Bay area and getting “hyped” by the bands and the “Diva stations” along the way. The course is even flatter than the "California Flat" and by definition can be called "Pancake" flat. Finish inside Bayside Park in front of thousands of cheering on-lookers and being given a medal, rose, and a flute of champagne by one of the cities “hunks".

More about this race

Registration$80 - $95
Now Closed
Race Size2,800 participants
Packet PickupExpo Only
Time Limit3.5 hours (16 min/mile)
CertificationCourse USATF Certified
Timed RaceYes
Minimum Age12 years old

Race Day!

Start Time7:00 AM
Bag CheckAvailable
Past Weather
2012 N Partly Cloudy 54°F → 66°F
2013 Y Overcast 59°F → 61°F
2014 Y Mostly Cloudy 54°F → 59°F

Showing temperature at start time and 2 hours later.

Divas sfb 2012 course
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1 participant review

Overall Rating 4 stars
Course Scenery 3 stars
Event Organization 4 stars
Vibe / Energy 4 stars
Participant Shirt 3 stars
Finisher Medal 4 stars
Expo / Packet Pick-up 4 stars
Event Start 4 stars
Course Entertainment 3 stars
Restrooms Sufficient
Course Aid Sufficient
4 starsabout 5 years ago by Nancy C.

My Favorite Part

The diva-esque nature of the race of course! Champaign and roses at the finish line with a hunky fireman awarding you a very nice blingy medal. And every year the medal has gotten better and better.

Recommended Changes

I wish they would change up their shirt. After doing this three year a row and counting, their shirt looks the same year after year. Plus it would be nice to have more entertainment on the course. The bay trail gets a bit boring to look at after a while.

Tips for Future Participants

Just have fun. If you want to do a costume go for it. Tutus are out in full force on this course. Avoid the walkers by starting closer up to the start line. There are no assigned corrals so beware of early walkers and weaving during the beginning of the course.

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