Bay to Breakers 12K

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San Francisco, California

Occurred on May 17, 2015
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Official Description: San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers is the oldest consecutively run annual footrace in the world, a staple to the City by the Bay since May 1912. With a starting point near the San Francisco Bay, a few blocks from The Embarcadero, the 12K race runs west through the city and finishes at the Great Highway where breakers crash onto the Pacific Coast’s Ocean Beach. A quintessential San Francisco experience for 102 years, the race is interwoven into the fabric of the city and is a true reflection and celebration of life between the breakers and the Bay.

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Registration$39 - $59
Now Closed
Race Size30,000 participants
Packet PickupExpo & Mail
Time Limit4 hours
CertificationCourse USATF Certified
Timed RaceYes
Minimum AgeNone

Race Day!

Start Time8:00 AM
Bag CheckNot available
Past Weather
2014 Y Mostly Cloudy 61°F → 63°F
2013 B Clear 60°F → 63°F
2012 B Clear 57°F → 60°F

Showing temperature at start time and 2 hours later.

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5 participant reviews

Overall Rating 4 stars
Course Scenery 4 stars
Event Organization 4 stars
Vibe / Energy 5 stars
Participant Shirt 4 stars
Finisher Medal 4 stars
Expo / Packet Pick-up 5 stars
Event Start 3 stars
Course Entertainment 4.5 stars
Restrooms Sufficient
Course Aid Sufficient
4 starsover 4 years ago by Gilbert L.

The Bay to Breakers is THE iconic race of San Francisco. With all of the energy and revelry the race has gotten so big that there are plenty of downsides. The corrals at the start are huge (watch out for the flying tortillas) and difficult to navigate (good luck finding your friends) and the course is filled with drunk kids and looky-loos who have little regard for runners. Navigating around walkers or slow runners who selected the wrong wave is a sure way to sprain your ankle.

Of course - we all overlook the downside to enjoy the kooky costumes, the great music and the energy of the run. Long live the Bay to Breakers. Bring back the centipedes!

Review of 2014 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

5 starsalmost 5 years ago by Emil B.

this was my first race and now i'm hooked, great race and great crowd

Review of 2014 Race · First Timer · Local to Race

4 starsover 5 years ago by Cat J.

This is my first time running Bay to Breakers and it was a cool race to be a part of the tradition of costumes and everyone cheering on the sideline was awesome. However, if you are really trying to run it and are in the first corral its a bit annoying having to dodge all of the people who are jumping on the course and are in the wrong starting section. This year the race also started a full 30 minutes late which is really long to sit around after finishing warming up.

Review of 2014 Race · Race Junkie · Local to Race

5 starsover 5 years ago by Morgan D.

I love this race! It's an SF tradition, and while it isn't the most organized event, it's very energetic, fun, and truly San Francisco. I smile the whole course, be it from the costumes or the scenery. A must do for any SF-er!

The course is also a mad-house, and the first mile or so you generally have to dodge drunk people.

To get to and from the race, I absolutely recommend taking MUNI. The shuttles are busy and expensive.

Review of 2013 Race · Casual Racer · Local to Race

3 starsalmost 6 years ago by Justin M.

Bay to Breakers is a San Francisco tradition, and it’s a really fun time as long as your expectations are appropriately set. Unless you’re one of the very first runners out the gate, you’ll be stuck behind people walking and standing in the middle of the course pretty much the entire time. But at least you’ll have plenty to look at while you’re waiting — hilarious costumes, naked people, street parties, and of course the views of iconic SF sights.

This year’s race started a full 30 minutes late, which even for Bay to Breakers standards is pretty ridiculous — imagine how many tens of thousands of people were sitting around cold for that amount of time because of a setup snafu. Continue reading...

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Review of 2014 Race · Race Junkie · Local to Race